Customer Testimonials

  • I'm just writing to say that my wife Joan and I have both just bought Widex aids, plus a phone and TV Play. My wife has only just started to need a hearing aid, whereas I've worn hearing aids for many many years. My hearing loss, as you can imagine, is severe. Previously, we had NHS aids, and the difference is staggering. I had a long career in the computer industry, and know how much work goes into software development and hardware miniaturisation, and I'm tremendously impressed - gobsmacked, indeed - by your products. Thank you very much, and keep up the excellent work. I should also add that Alan Jackson of the Nantwich Hearing Centre also deserves commendation for his excellent, painstaking an insightful treatment. A great guy.


  • I've worn hearing aids of many kinds since I was eight years old, back in 1951. I have to say that I'm tremendously impressed by what I've experienced at Nantwich Hearing Centre in both the quality of Alan Jackson's consultation and the quality of the hearing aids supplied by Widex. Both I and my wife Joan have been here, with widely differing degrees of hearing loss and history. Alan was able to help both of us so much. Not only is the technology of these aids far beyond anything else I've seen, in things like "training" aids to your personal preferences, but the supporting equipment, for instance streaming our TV's sound wirelessly directly to our hearing aids, gives us a whole new experience which is quite mind-blowing in sound quality. Thanks, Alan.

    Jack K.,

  • I'd been putting off my deteriorating hearing problem for some time, not particularly attracted by the big names on the High Street. So glad, therefore, that I found Nantwich Hearing Centre whose knowledge of the many facets of hearing loss is impressive. Having bitten the bullet, I can honestly say that the professional, friendly, impartial advice and subsequent service I have received has been first class. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone with concerns about their hearing to book an appointment at their earliest convenience for a chat in a calm, relaxed environment.

    R David,

  • Having had hearing aids fitted by Alan Jackson at Nantwich Hearing Centre, I am very pleased with the results which are a vast improvement on my previous experiences. The standard of care is excellent and the depth of knowledge and expertise is backed up by the latest very sophisticated testing and hearing analysis equipment. A full follow up service is provided and hearing aids are fully guaranteed with manufacturer's warranties.

    Nigel Whatmough,

  • Extremely professional, friendly service. Working in the music industry, good hearing protection is vital and Nantwich Hearing Centre provided me with expert advice and a great product. I'll be returning for some custom moulds very soon. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

    Thea Gilmore,

  • I've know Alan Jackson (the owner and audiologist at the Nantwich Hearing Centre) since he first embarked in his career as a hearing aid audiologist. He is one of the best audiologists I know, who prides himself in offering a professional service with a personal touch. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends.

    Ray Mead,

  • Alan has been looking after my hearing for the last 2 years. The service I have received during this time has been outstanding. Alan is professional yet approachable and takes the time to explain everything clearly and to ensure my hearing aids are working perfectly. He has made a real difference to me and my family and I will be travelling to Nantwich in the future!

    Peter M.,