Repairs & Reprogramming

Just as you car benefits from a regular service, your hearing aids also work better if they are serviced professionally and reprogrammed after a new hearing assessment.

If you have bought your old hearing aids elsewhere you may have been told that they need replacing. This isn’t necessarily the case.

Whilst the latest technology undoubtedly provides the best results, you may not feel ready to part with the hearing aids you trust. A thorough overhaul and reprogramming will enhance your hearing or if you do decide to upgrade, will give you a great back-up pair.

Nantwich Hearing Centre offers a comprehensive repairs and reprogramming service. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think we may be able to help.

Hearing aid consumables.

We also stock hearing aid batteries, wax guards and cleaning products. Contact us if you need to purchase any of these items. If we do not hold them in stock we will be able to source them for you.