Upgrade Your Hearing Aids

Technology evolves, and so do hearing aids. If you’re considering an upgrade to newer, advanced devices, we can provide you with valuable insights into the latest innovations. Talk to us about the benefits of upgrading and discover how modern hearing aids can further enhance your quality of life.

Upgrade Your Hearing Aids: Embrace the Future of Sound

Hearing aid technology is constantly advancing, offering improved sound quality, enhanced features, and greater comfort. When you consider upgrading, you can expect:

  1. Advanced Sound Quality: Newer hearing aids offer clearer, more natural sound, allowing you to engage fully in conversations and enjoy the richness of music and the world around you.
  2. Cutting-Edge Features: Upgraded hearing aids often come equipped with features like artificial intelligence,  noise reduction, connectivity to smartphones and other devices, and adaptive settings that automatically adjust to different environments.
  3. Enhanced Comfort: The latest designs prioritise comfort and discretion, making your hearing aids even more enjoyable to wear.
  4. Improved Battery Life: Many modern hearing aids have longer-lasting batteries, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  5. Rechargable: Just like re-charging your phone, the latest hearing aids are re-chargeable, eliminating the need to replace fiddly batteries. The latest models offer up to 50 hours of battery life from a single charge.

Is It Time to Upgrade?

Not only does technology move on but your hearing aids will perform less well over time. All our hearing aids come with a 5 year extended warranty however when you use something all day, every day performance will eventually decline. Common signs that you may benefit from new hearing aids include:

  • Sound Quality Concerns: If you notice that your current hearing aids are struggling to deliver clear sound or are picking up excess background noise, an upgrade can significantly improve your experience.
  • Outdated Technology: If your hearing aids are several years old, you may be missing out on the latest technological advancements that can enhance your hearing.
  • Changing Lifestyle: Changes in your lifestyle, such as a new job or increased social activities, may require hearing aids with more sophisticated features to adapt to different listening environments.

Expert Guidance

Our highly trained audiologist, Alan Jackson, is here to guide you through the process of upgrading your hearing aids. Alan can assess your hearing needs and preferences to recommend the best options for your unique situation.

At Nantwich Hearing Centre, we understand the importance of staying current with hearing aid technology. Upgrading your hearing aids is an investment in your hearing health and overall quality of life. If you have any questions about your current hearing aids and /  or believe you are ready for an upgrade, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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