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Happy New Hearing!

Jan 14 . 2 min read

So that’s Christmas done and dusted, New Year celebrated in style and here we are mid-way through January 2016 already.

For most people the Christmas period will have been a busy, yet enjoyable time spent with family and friends. However we recognise that for some this is not the case and that the end of the celebrations will have come as a huge relief.

We are very aware that for people suffering from hearing loss, Christmas can  be traumatic. Trying to join in with conversation sitting around a noisy dinner table is distressing, straining to keep up with the chatter of excited Grandchildren can be exhausting and struggling to hear a television, set at a much lower volume than you are used to, is hugely frustrating. Often left feeling too embarrassed to keep saying ‘Pardon?’, ‘Could you repeat that?’ or ‘Can we turn it up a bit please?’ most people with hearing loss end up saying nothing, smiling politely as the noise continues around them and hiding their struggles from those they love.

The New Year brings with it a chance for a fresh start and for many a renewed determination to deal with problems they have been avoiding. Booking a Hearing Assessment with your local Audiologist either through your GP or with a private clinic is the best place to start if you think you may have hearing loss. Treat your hearing like you would your eyes or your teeth and get it checked as soon as possible. Your hearing is so important to your overall quality of life and seeking the right advice now could prevent further deterioration.

At Nantwich Hearing Centre our Hearing Assessments are free of charge and include a detailed discussion about your hearing health, a visual check of your ear and a comprehensive hearing test in our sound proof booth. With all this information we will be able to advise you on what your next step should be. There is no pressure or obligation on your part, just our expertise and support throughout.

So Happy New Year! Happy new hearing! Happy new you! Keep that resolution to do something about your hearing. It could be the most important appointment you make this year and Christmas 2016 may sound very different.